Ladies Fashion

Be sure to browse through our collection of stunning and unique ladies fashion. Treasure Chest offers a wide selection of styles and designers to choose from. Here are some of our top choices available online or in-store.




ERIBÉ specialises in unique and colourful cardigans. They are the perfect outer layer for the colder weather. Be sure to check out other colours that are available too.

Mucros Weavers

These gorgeous woven ponchos are the perfect wardrobe edition this autumn. These eye catching ponchos will keep you warm and stylish.

Joseph Ribkoff

Ribkoff has the perfect collection for a more formal occasion. These smart yet fun pieces are perfect for work and down time.


For a slightly more alternative look, Nissa combines edgy with classic.


MarcCain mixes athletic with feminine, and the results are stunning. These pieces are made for being on the go, while still looking stylish.

Voile Blanche

These sneakers are built for comfort and easy to wear all day. Plus their design is easily paired with all kinds of outfits. Voile Blanche will become your next go-to pair of shoes.

Pause Cafe

Pause Cafe has the perfect clothes for daytime. Their tropical and colourful pieces are comfortable and fashionable. 


Bariloche allows you to choose from a wide selection of items. From vintage and chic jackets to comfortable day wear, practicality and style are the main focus in this brand.

September 21, 2020