Baby and Children's Gifts

From christenings and birthdays to Christmas gifts and more, we have something for every occasion when it comes to finding the perfect present for babies and young children. Treasure Chest has a wide selection of Irish and international products to choose from, whether it's a soft cuddly teddy bear or a beautiful Irish made handcrafted blanket. Here are some of our top choices available online or in-store.

Foxford Baby Blankets

These soft, woollen blankets are the perfect gift for newborns. You can choose from pink, blue and multi coloured spotted blankets, as well as a chequered cream blanket, as ideal gifts for a new baby.

Newbridge Baby Gifts

Newbridge silverware has a wide array of gifts perfect for new babies or christenings. From photo frames and animal money banks to music boxes and more traditional gifts, such as scroll holders and rattles, they have the perfect selection of gifts to choose from for any new addition to the family.

Baby Name Trains

Names trains are a lovely personal touch to a new baby’s room. They make the perfect nursery decoration and will surely be appreciated by parents welcoming home a new baby.

Kaloo Soft Toys

These adorable soft toys are suited to all ages and make the perfect gift for any occasion.

Bukowski Soft Toys

There is no denying the charm that Bukowski soft toys have. Children of all ages will appreciate and enjoy these charismatic teddies.

Christening Wear

There’s a selection of traditional and elegant Christening gowns you can choose from as well. 

Peppa Pig Dining Sets

If a child is fond of Peppa Pig, they will certainly love these dining sets. There’s everything from cups to cutlery. No Peppa Pig fan could complain.

Soake Rainwear

Perfect for rainy days, Soake rainwear is the fun rainwear that kids love and will happily wear.

Powell Craft

Powell Craft specialises in adorable clothes and dolls for young children. Their products make the cutest gifts for any occasion.

September 21, 2020